Serendipity's Teach Me Tarot

 Do You Have Interest In Learning Tarot?

You can use it as a study aid, reference guide or in your tarot readings on self, family, friends and/or in your practice.
In application, the cards are meant to give you different interpretations in upright and reverse; for additional insight and perspective on the situation.

Ways To Use These Tarot Cards:
  • As Reference Cards
  • Flashcards / Study Aid
  • Tarot Readings
Serendipity Tarot also presents a "Teach Me Tarot" course for those who:
  • Want an easy, quick way to learn the meaning of the tarot cards
  • Desire to further their learning of Tarot for self, business, spiritual growth
  • Who are interested in establishing their own Youtube Channel Platform and/or Tarot Business
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    The course will be provided in the following format for individual learning:
    The course will:
    • Explain the meaning of each tarot card - Upright and Reversals
    • Provide brief history of tarot and symbolism 
    • Demonstration of how to apply tarot to do readings on yourself and/or others 
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