Vimeo Bonus Tarot Readings

If you want to access exclusive, behind-the-scenes video content, not available on Youtube, go to Serendipity's VIMEO page!

Serendipity Tarot will post Extended, Bonus Readings each Month on Vimeo.

 For both Youtube channels:

  • Serendipity Tarot - For All Zodiac Signs
  • Serendipity Twinflames Tarot 

Just Visit Vimeo Homepage


The Bonus Readings will look at your Partner's Energy more closer to Find out:

  • What's On Their Mind
  • How They View You
  • How They Feel About You
  • What's In Their Emotions/Feelings & Heart Space
  • How They Would Like To Move Forward
  • What's Going on Behind the Scenes, Roadblocks/Challenges
  • Likely Outcome

Bonus: Unspoken Love Messages, Secrets, Thoughts & Love Advice